Poetry Contest Information:

Reading Period: Nov. 1st – Dec. 31st, 2021.

                        Judge: Chard deNiord

                                      About Chard deNiord –
Chard deNiord is the author of seven books of poetry, most recently In My Unknowing (U. of Pittsburg Press, 2020) and Interstate (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2015). He is also the author of two books of interviews with eminent American poets, I Would Lie To You If I Could (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2018) and Sad Friends, Drowned Lovers, Stapled Songs (Marick Press, 2011). He was  poet laureate of Vermont from 2015 to 2019 and is a professor at Providence College. He lives in Westminster West, Vermont with his wife Liz.
We’re pleased to let you know we’ve raised our awards to over $2,000 for the 2021 contest!

Contest Guidelines:

Crosswinds seeks English language poetry in all styles. Using Submittable, submit poems as word documents, (preferred)  using 12 point Times New Roman. Poems exceeding 60 single-spaced lines, or 30 double-spaced lines, (includes stanza breaks) or poems that exceed our maximum allowed 66 characters per-line (includes spaces and punctuation) will NOT be considered.  Any identifying information on the poem itself will disqualify the poem from consideration.  Please include a biography of 100 words or fewer, written in third person.
Reading fees are $20 for each submission of up to three poems. Reports in 2-4 months. Two submissions of up to three poems are allowed but require two separate reading fees. Please do not send more than three poems in each submission as we will only read the first three. Previously published works and works forthcoming elsewhere cannot be considered. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but the entry fee is non-refundable should the submitted work be accepted elsewhere.  Please notify us of your work’s acceptance promptly. Poets wishing to withdraw one or more poems under consideration by Crosswinds must do so within 30 days following the submission deadline. Please let us know through submittable which poems we may still consider. Thanks.

We strongly discourage postal submissions, but will consider them in unusual circumstances.

Please Include:

  • Name as you want it to appear in the journal.
  • Postal mailing address
  • Titles for each poem
  • Biography of 100 words or less, written in third person.


The winning poet will receive $1,000.00 with $500.00 and $250.00 awarded for second and third place respectively. Seven finalists will each receive a $50 honorarium,  Winners and honorarium recipients will receive their awards from Crosswinds in the form of a check sent to their postal mailing address no later than March 30th following the poetry contest deadline. Contest winners and finalists agree to allow Crosswinds to publish their names on this website, and other platforms.

Payment is two contributor copies for the winners and finalists and one contributor copy for the remaining authors

Thank you for supporting Crosswinds.

 Please submit your work below