2022 – Vol. VIII – Judge: Chard deNiord, Poet Laureate of Vermont

Grand Prize – $1,000 – David Sullivan for “Every Broken Thing”
Second Prize – $500 – Lucas Carpenter for “JoJo’s Snake Story”
Third Prize – $250 – Pamela Wax for “I’m Reacquainted with Death Each Morning”

2021 – Vol. VI – Judge Margaret Gibson, Poet Laureate of Connecticut.

Grand Prize – $1,000 – Susanna Lang for “Inspections”
Second Prize – $500 – Anne Casey for “Prayer-fish”
Third Prize – $250 – Margaret Chula for “Moonflower”

2020 – Volume V – Judge Richard Blanco, Inaugural Poet and multiple literary award recipient.

Grand Prize: $1,000 to Laura Apol for “Twenty Years On”           
Second Prize – $250 to Kate Gray for “You Never Knew”
Third Prize – $100 to Faith Shearin for “Fly Fishing the Summer After You Die         

 2019 – Vol. IV – Judge Tina Cane, Poet Laureate of Rhode Island

Grand Prize – $1,000 to Joannie Stangeland for “Air on Air.”
Second Prize – $250  to Anjail Rashida Ahmad  for “Proof of Redemption”
Third Prize – $100 to Greg Loselle – for “Eden



2018 – Vol III – Judge Lloyd Schwartz, poet and Pulitzer prize-winning critic.

GRAND PRIZE: $1,000  James Cooper for  “Driving at Night in October”
SECOND PRIZE: $250  Heather Treseler for  “Shorelines”
THIRD PRIZE: $100  Timothy Martin for  “Oak Tree Scarred by Lightning”


2017 – Vol II – Judge Lisa Starr, Poet Laureate of Rhode Island Emeritus

GRAND PRIZE: $1,000  Jack Cooper for  “Of Longing”
SECOND PRIZE: $250  AE Hines for  “Financial Advisor”

THIRD PRIZE: $100 Jed Myers for  “This Day”

2016 – Vol I – Judge -Tom Chandler, Poet Laureate of Rhode Island Emeritus

GRAND PRIZE: $1,000  Trinity Tibe for  “Visiting Florida”
SECOND PRIZE: $250  John Sibley Williams for  “Speak Gently”
THIRD PRIZE: $100  Ginny Lowe Connors for  “The Old Halfback”